I'm Rachel Bausch.

I'm a born and raised california girl. 
i live in templeton on a tiny little farm with my firefighter husband and two growing girls.

I'm an aspiring veterinarian turned photographer. my love for animals lives on everyday with our 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 sheep and 8 chickens. 

I'm powered by coffee, lazy mornings and sunsets on the porch with my family accompanied by a glass of wine. 

Read more about my photography journey below. 


without sounding too cliche, i've had the love of photography living inside me my whole life. 

I used to beg my parents to let me develop my little disposable cameras at the "one hour photo shop" because I just couldn't wait to see what I had captured. 
I knew next to nothing about cameras, but I knew seeing a moment in time frozen on a photograph was something that made my heart sing. 
My love for taking pictures turned in to a passion for creating imagery immediately after i became a mom. I became obsessed with capturing joy and freezing our memories. 

my favorite subjects to photograph are children. being able to capture the world through their eyes has completely transformed my creative perspective. 

it wasn't long after i became a mom that my little at home hobby became a full blown blossoming business. i've spent the past six years photographing hundreds of families and made countless friends in the process!


some random facts...


musical artist:

mornings or nights: 

how do you take your coffee?

i've never missed an episode of:

cats or dogs: 

personal wardrobe style: 

navy blue

sara bareilles

mornings! i love waking up with the sun and rarely make it past 10 pm

with a splash of almond milk and honey

Friends and grey's anatomy

both! and chickens...

skinny jeans and a comfy t-shirt