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Fall. Family Photos. Holiday Cards. What’s the next word that comes to mind?…..Mini Sessions!

I’m going to drop some truth bombs right now and it just might blow your mind. Call me crazy, but I do not typically offer mini sessions.

Well, I DO offer them during the wildflower bloom but that is only because that window of opportunity is so small that it’s the only way I can fit more than 6 families in.

Now please, I want to make it clear I am not putting down any photographers that offer them. For me and my brand, they just don’t work. And here are a few reason why:

I want to deliver an experience to my clients.

I believe that every single one of my families deserves the royal treatment. I want to be able to greet you at the beginning of our session, have a conversation with your kids and let everyone calm their nerves a bit before diving in. I want the entire evening to be about YOU.  The last thing I want to be worrying about is where my next client is and how much time we have left. From the moment you book to the moment you open your gallery for the first time – I want this to be a memorable experience.


Everyone deserves golden light.

Sunsets are my jam. I live for that perfect sun flare that gently lights up your entire family. And that window of perfectly magical light usually only lasts about 30 minutes tops. I cannot bring myself to schedule back to back sessions and only have one family receive the magic.


“My kids will never last a full hour” is a myth.

Time and time again I’ve heard the concern that parents don’t think their kiddos will last throughout a full hour session.


Because lifestyle sessions aren’t about sitting down and posing for 60 minutes straight – good lord I couldn’t even do that!

Lifestyle sessions are about playing – and exploring! Think about it. If you show up to a 25 minute session with a million expectations in your head about what photos you want to capture – how do you think your stress level will be? And guess who’s going to be the first one to pick up on that tense energy? Your kids!

Giving yourself a full hour will allow for playtime between sets. It gives your children a breather. It’s takes the pressure off of everyone. Trust me mama, I know what it’s like to just want your kids to be perfect and angelic for 30 minutes so you can grab that perfect shot – but the best way to achieve that is to relax. And believe it or not – almost all of my favorite photos are products of those “in-between” playful moments.



Now I know mini sessions are widely popular and I may not be the perfect photographer for everyone, and that’s ok.

I’ve been in this business awhile now and I’ve learned that it’s tough to go against the norm. For the longest time I believed I had to be offering what everyone else was in order to stay busy. But I believe that by eliminating some of these things, that I can offer you SO MUCH MORE.

I may be the perfect photographer for you if:

  • You are looking for a photographer who delivers galleries full of beautiful portraits combined with candid moments that tell the story of your time together.
  • You want photos full of life and color that jump off the screen when you look at them.
  • You want a photographer who dedicates her whole day to prepping for your session – giving you her full attention until the last photo is taken.
  • You want a photographer who will do whatever it takes to pull the giggles and authentic moments out of the children.


I’ve had the honor of photographing some of the most amazing families over the past six years. I can’t tell you how many of them make their photo session evenings a special occasion – a night to celebrate family and togetherness. I don’t want to be the photographer who rushes you through a schedule. I want to be the photographer who treats these moments for what they should be – keepsakes to hand down to generations to come.

I hope you’ll join me!


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